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Axel, co-founder of Go Expat Group with Leo & Eleonore, comes with over 15 years of experience in the startup environment in France, Europe, Australia and Emerging Markets (Asia, Latam…)including the launch of several startups in Africa, and participation in Wombat Capital.

Eleonore has 8 years experience in financial services industry. After having graduated a Master in Management from Bordeaux Business School (KEDGE), she worked in Paris and then moved to Singapore 4 years ago. She joined the GoExpat Group Adventure and is now our anchor back in Singapore.

Leo, with over 14 years of experience in management consulting, business development and entrepreneurship across a broad range of industries and geographies including APAC and Europe, brings his Business Strategy’s skills and knowledge in Startup Mentoring to the team.

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GoExpat Group is the parent of several different sites; there’s one GoExpat for every country to make sure it is very proper and adapted to the culture, requirements and specificities of each of them. GoExpatNZ is one iteration of a long series!

The main idea behind the GoExpat Project is to offer you the 1st Marketplace for international entrepreneurs and professionals. GoExpat Group is a bit of the very best of what Australiance has been doing for the last 7 years in Australia, assisting over 3000 international talents wishing to continue their career abroad and 30+ companies from Europe, America, Asia and Australia. GoExpat Group aims at accomplishing the same mission and at assisting fast growing startups which are looking to scale in APAC.

We offer free online information in our blog, but we also provide our community adapted and discounted services through partnerships with a broad range of international businesses, who share our values and visions.

We have personally handpicked our partners as we have used them ourselves and started a sustainable relationship based on trust.

Our services include:

● Strategy consulting for business and entrepreneurs
● Immigration and legal advice
● Business development
● Recruitment
● Accommodation
● Professional coaching for job seekers
● Medical insurance
● Promotion and organisation of networking/casual events
● International travels
● And much more…

If you are a company or a university that wish to partner with us and feel like you can help our audience

Feel free to contact us.

Anyone who has projects abroad to work, expatriates who need advice during their journey as their project matures, or businesses who wish to expand.

We have partnered with over 30 Australian and international organizations, which we have personally experienced and trust to set up the 1st marketplace of services for expats over the world.

Since 2010, we have assisted thousands of professionals and entrepreneurs in their project of expatriation.

Enabling international professionals and entrepreneurs:

  • Achieve their dreams abroad
  • Accomplish their international projects
  • We make each experience unique
  • We always act with integrity, respect and honesty
  • We play as a team
  • We’re eager to learn and grow
  • We’re all in at 100%
  • We want to make things happen
  • We love what we do: each day is another day of fun & excitement
  • Becoming the n°1 service provider assisting international professionals and entrepreneurs throughout the world

The opening of the following GoExpat websites:

  • GoExpat Hong Kong
  • GoExpat Shanghai
  • GoExpat Cambodia
  • GoExpat New-Zealand
  • GoExpat Japan
  • GoExpat Abu Dhabi
  • GoExpat Dubaï
  • GoExpat Canada
  • GoExpat Dublin

Australiance, GoExpat Group and Wombat Capital have hosted 8 editions of Startup&Angels in Sydney, one in Phnom Penh and one in Singapore. S/A is a networking event where startup founders meet business angels. Next events will take place:

  • In Singapore, 7th February
  • In Melbourne, 15th February
  • In Phnom Penh, 2nd March
  • In Sydney, 8th March
  • In Yangon, TBC
  • In Kuala Lumpur, TBC